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Cleanly and Freely…Rest in Peace Brave Baraka

Posted in Uncategorized on January 10, 2014 by Josslyn Luckett


Who will eulogize the greatest eulogist we’ve ever known?  Week this hit me most was the week I saw him deliver the eulogy for Sekou Sundiata bout 3 days before he offered one up for Max Roach. “For me, writing a eulogy is very much part of a writer’s central purpose, which is not supposed to be serving as a spontaneous reflector of one’s self, but as an investigator of a useful shared vision” -that’s from the intro to his collection of Eulogies. I have no further words at this time–just gratitude for Baraka’s generosity, his generous ears and eyes receiving and revealing our blues…all blues.

(here’s a lovely interview with Baraka on WBGO discussing the 50 year anniversary of Blues People.)