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Who Jah Bless, No One Curse, Thank God

Posted in Uncategorized on May 11, 2011 by Josslyn Luckett

Look how radiant Rita Marley is…  

Can you believe today, May 11, 2011 is 30 years since Bob died.  For research I’m doing right now on Rastafarianism I finally picked up her tender memoir (with Hettie Jones) No Woman No Cry, and the prologue shares the most touching reflection of that misty morning, May 11, 1981.   She says she was singing to him, “God Will Take Care of You” and then she broke down crying, saying, “Bob, please, don’t leave me.”  She says he looked up and said, “Leave you, go where?”

She says whenever she hears his voice, and she hears it everywhere in the world (amen), “it’s only confirming that he’s always around, everywhere.”

Then she adds this powerful afterthought…and anyone who loves the I-Threes as much as I do knows this is true: “one interesting thing about it, to me, is that most people only hear him.  But I hear more, because I’m on almost all the songs.  So I also hear my voice, I also hear me.”

In this bright future, you can’t forget your past…

Ah, in spite of Bob’s command, I gotta let the tears flow on that…